Samsung will launch the Galaxy Tab M62 with a compact design, the first tablet model in the Galaxy M series

Galaxy Tab A 2019 – Artwork (Source: Gizmochina)

In early November 2020, a report revealed that Samsung was working on a device called the Galaxy M62. As the name suggests, the device was said to be a mid-range phone at the time. But now, another report has revealed that the Galaxy M62 is essentially a tablet.
Up to now, the devices in Samsung’s Galaxy M lineup are mid-range and low-cost phones. Therefore, the Galaxy M62, code-named SM-M625F, is also said to be a low-cost phone.

But it turns out that Galaxy M62 will be the first tablet model in the Galaxy M series. Page 91mobiles citing sources as saying that this device will be officially launched as Galaxy Tab M62. Currently the specifications of the tablet have not been disclosed, except for information that the device will be compact in size and has a 256 GB memory version.

Galaxy Tab A 8 – Artwork (Source: MyNextTablet)

Currently, Samsung has two lines of tablets, including the high-end and mid-range models of the Galaxy Tab S series, while the low-cost models belong to the Galaxy Tab A series. The Galaxy M series position is similar to the Galaxy A series. So we can expect the Galaxy Tab M62 to be a budget tablet.

It is possible that the Galaxy Tab M62 will be the successor to the Galaxy J Max, the only tablet in the Galaxy J series that has been launched since 2016.

The Galaxy Tab M62 is expected to be launched in early 2021 in India. What do you expect on the Galaxy Tab M62?

Source: Gizmochina

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