Samsung may launch Galaxy S21 generation on January 14, much earlier than usual, what is the reason?

As an annual routine, Samsung will hold a Galaxy UNPACKED event for the new Galaxy S generation in mid-Q1 (right after the CES event in Barcelona). However, with the Galaxy S 2021 it seems that Korean manufacturers are ‘impatient’ to launch super products at the same time as CES 2021, then open for sale in January.
And recently, according to a source from the Manager of the largest Samsung Experience store in India, Samsung will launch the Galaxy S21 series on January 14. Just a month and a few days, really early.
So why would Samsung want to break its annual routine? Is Samsung trying to cherish ‘plot’?

Samsung wants to occupy the ‘spotlight’ of the whole technology world

CES is considered one of many annual technology events, attracting many smartphone manufacturers to launch products in the framework of the event. While most likely, the upcoming CES 2021 will be taking place online, but why should Samsung launch after others? Instead of being the leader, they are able to pull all the spotlight in early 2021 with them?

Going ahead will always be best, as with a generation of Galaxy S starting a new decade, the quick launch further solidifies Samsung’s leadership. When this will be the flagship to start a new technology era, a new breeze for the market. Shaping the next decade of Android phones.

Launch the S series flagship soon to pull the entire mid-range lineup soon

At the same time with the Galaxy A ‘mainstream mid-range’ generation A51 and A71 launched last year, Samsung also announced that it will bring high-end features to the Galaxy A and then appear on the mid-range. This strategy has brought great success for the Galaxy A 2020, specifically Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 are always in the top selling in many countries.

However, this strategy is a double-edged sword that contributed to the ‘flop’ generation of the flagship Galaxy S20 series after that. The fact that the mid-range phones are too good, leading to the psychology of comparing why flagships are not different from mid-range, design is quite similar, … There are many reasons just because Galaxy A comes first and has features ‘forecast’ will be available on Galaxy S.

Samsung went back to the basics of making great flagships, then launching mid-range phones as a feature-cut version. Bringing mentality to users when they cannot own a flagship, they can buy mid-range. Similar to the brand strategy used in the A 2016 and 2017 models.

So, the sooner the launch of the flagship, bringing a true locomotive, bringing a whole line of smartphone line-ups will be better than launching a predictive smartphone. One more proof of this hypothesis is that until mid-December, we have not heard from the mid-range successor A51 or A71.

Take advantage of post-pandemic shopping season opportunities

Asia has always been Samsung’s main market compared to the US or Europe, especially its home country of Korea, Southeast Asia, India or China. And Asian countries tend to consume more for the end of the year, New Year holidays than holidays, Christmas holidays, … like the West.

From mid-January onwards, right at the time of preparing for Tet in many countries such as Vietnam, China, … Of course, this will be a busy shopping time and users spend more aggressively than other countries. public holidays. Not to mention this point is very suitable for marketing and sales campaigns.

Another objective factor is that the iPhone 12 series from Apple is currently receiving a lot of attention, sales are very good due to the lack of worthy competitors in the market. Information on the sidelines says that the supply of the iPhone 12 series has been affected because Apple is a outsourcing company, so it is affected by the epidemic. As for self-sufficiency like Samsung, to breathe more.

Not to mention, according to the information, this year’s Galaxy S21 series will have a better price than its predecessor, which is also an advantage. In addition, the S21 series carries on the shoulders of apologies and thanks to the user because the performance of Exynos 990 this year is not enough to satisfy users, this is also the pressure but also makes the opportunity to shine again. top 1 market share.

What are your comments on the Samsung Galaxy S21 series coming soon? Do you agree with the above point? Leave your comments below!

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