iPhone 12 series and MagSafe accessories can be dangerous for people wearing pacemakers, the reason is …


Through a supporting documentation update, Apple announced that its MagSafe and iPhone 12 series accessories may cause electromagnetic interference to certain medical devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators. This seems to be a worrying news for “defective” fans.

Specifically, Apple says, it’s best to put iPhone 12 series and MagSafe accessories at a “safe distance” from the medical devices mentioned above to avoid any potential problems. It appears that the interference is caused by pacemakers and defibrillators that contain a number of sensors that can respond to magnets and radios (found inside the Magsafe and iPhone 12 Series) when placed close together.

The cause of this problem is believed to be from the magnet inside Magsafe (Source: iPhoneHacks)

However, not all pacemakers and defibrillators can experience electromagnetic interference near iPhone 12 or MagSafe accessories. The company recommends that users check with their physicians and the manufacturer of their device for appropriate instructions.

This issue was first discovered by the Heart Rate Association earlier this month. The study was conducted by three different Michigan doctors who brought an iPhone 12 closer to a patient’s defibrillator, causing the device to hang.

Have you encountered a similar situation as above?

Source: iPhoneHacks

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